New Lot Owner/Construction Info

  • Please see the architectural review process found in your sub association’s by-laws
  • Submit plans to both the Master HOA and sub-association Architectural Review Committee (ARC)
  • Submit a copy of your building permit.
  • Road maintenance/repair fee: $.50 per building square footage payable to South Fork Ranches HOA
Tap Fee:
Single Family Unit: Please refer to Rio Grande Water Company rate page for all current prices.
Multi-Family Unit (Each)
Meter Purchase Fee: Includes meter, pressure reducing valve, backflow, MIU (transmitter)

The meter must be placed inside the heated house and MIU on the outside of the house wall unobstructed to the road. (Meters and MIUs cannot be placed in pits.)

​New Lot Owners
HOA Dues are billed annually in January of each year.

Water availability fees are billed semi-annually in January and July. These costs are associated with the operation, maintenance, and repair of the water system for South Fork Ranches. For more information or current rates, visit

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